Importing an ugly text-file report into Excel

Learn how to use Microsoft Excel to import reports from legacy software platforms into something that's usable for analysis


Sneak Peek @ Zac 3

Features galore, leveled-up search, major speed improvements, and a beautiful new design (plus more) is coming to ZacTax soon.


The benefits of using your own products

If you haven't seen the world through your customer's eyes, you're missing out on a great opportunity for improving their lives (and yours!)


Texas Comptroller provides insight into how the Single Local Tax rule will be reported

A quick update on how distributions the new Single Local Tax Rate rule will be reported to Texas local governments.


How does the $5,000 confidential threshold work?

In which we explain how the Comptroller's "threshold" rule is applied, and what it means for your ZacTax data.


Quick Wins for your Data Visualizations

Charts and graphs are an important way to help tell you story. Use these tips to knock your visualizations out of the park!


Introducing Audit Watch

Our patent-pending audit platform helps automate the important tax of sales tax audit. But if you want a little more help, we've got you covered.


Deep-Diving the Texas Comptroller's Single Local Tax Proposal

In which we dig deep into the Texas Comptroller's proposal for a single local tax on remote sellers


Explaining the proposed Texas single local tax rule

In response to the Wayfair ruling, the Texas Comptroller has released draft legislation creating a single local tax rate for remote sellers.


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